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Be More, Be You!

Eleonora Pizzutti
Business Coach - Inspirational Speaker
I am a Business Coach and Neurodivergent Speaker
In each speech, I bring together my technical skills and my «neurodivergent» perspective, to achieve one great goal: to stimulate people to identify and shed the masks that cover and limit their potential, to finally make them be more… Themselves!
I inspire you

The topics I address


Motivation and engagement
The most pressing question every leader asks is: How do I motivate and inspire my team to be the best?
Inspiring others starts with inspiring yourself. I'll show you how to ignite the fire of inner motivation in ourselves first, so that productivity, engagement, and fulfillment flow naturally into teams as well.

The power of Diversity & Inclusion
Realizing true inclusion and collaboration across differences in the company is a boon and perhaps the most surprising discover is that managers have begun to think more deeply about how to harness the potential of all people. I will tell you about my experience as an autistic person in the company and how having people who see things differently balances the tendency in organizations to look all in the same direction, illuminating them.

Emotional intelligence & change
Why are some people capable of making big changes, while others always stay the same? Change involves emotions, because nobody likes to step out of their comfort zone and I know a thing or two about that. But today's leaders must lead the change and navigate the fog of a great challenge: recognizing and managing the emotions of their team and redirecting these emotions into a positive energy for change.

High potential Mindset
For a long time I thought that my skills were fixed and immutable and this led me to have a static mindset, to constantly challenge myself, always being afraid of failing and feeling like an imposter in my life. We will see, research in hand, how to unmask the beliefs that are limiting you and how small changes in our mindset and behaviours can extend to a team and to an entire organization.
What do you get
For you and your team

Motivation, optimism and newfound courage, mental clarity and focus to reach and express one's true potential, as a person and as a team

A new high-functioning mindset for more effective and sustainable performance, with an approach that inspires yourself and others

Understanding the connection between emotions, thoughts and actions, to break down barriers, overcome obstacles, train resilience and thus manage changes together with the team

New insights and neuroscientific perspectives on the exciting potential of diversity in the company and how a diverse team is the real brain of the company
Video pill
This way I can inspire both an intimate audience of 10 people and an audience of hundreds of people

Unmask Your Potential
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